Kita Living x İLAERG.

Objects Attributed to Pleasing Moments and Emotions

words: Begüm Çelebi & Eda Dereci

photography: Cansu Kızıltaş

words: Begüm Çelebi & Eda Dereci

photography: Cansu Kızıltaş

Being a cocoon that embraces us, our homes are also places where we can express ourselves, reflect our personality and in a sense, internalise it. The reason for the warm feeling offered by the word “home” is naturally related to the emotions it involves beyond being a place.

In our homes, where we create our own life story in line with our tastes, habits, and routines, every object we invite in is a result of it somehow communicating with us and finding some parts of ourselves in it; this, in turn, makes the living space our own. Sometimes, the background melody playing, the scent of a lit candle, or the fragrance of a bouquet of freshly placed flowers in a vase, all help us to embrace the one that surrounds us; what is good for us is good for it, turning the structure into a "home" for us.

The creation of some objects is also directly based on this embrace. They are born with this motivation in the hands that craft them. The living objects we created as Kita Living with ceramic artist and also our studio's product designer, İlayda Ergün, are made of clay kneaded with this motivation, and their presence in a character that touches moments, memories, soul and emotions.

İlayda Ergün is an Istanbul-based artist who shapes her clay with a contemporary approach in the trio of art, craftsmanship and design. Attending a sculpture studio after studying ceramics and glass at the university naturally reflects in her creations, contributing to a distinctive expression style.

“After a long process of trial and error and experimentation, when I saw which technique matched my art, I felt liberated. Noticing what excites me and further becoming free myself, I found my own voice, and I am still chasing that sensation.”

What does home mean to you?
I am a designer who spends most of my time in my atelier, so for me home is a cocoon where I am mentally and physically refreshed. It also has a side that evokes productivity. Whenever I am working on a new design, I take my computer and drawing materials with me and retreat to my home, because I find it more tempting and inspiring to produce in a place where I can achieve mental serenity. As a spatial reflection of this perspective, I have a living space that is as simple as possible.

What do you think makes a living space a home?
An atmosphere where simple forms are completed by natural and warm details... Considering my own home, I can say that these details are dim light and plants.

How do you refresh yourself when you feel blocked in the creative process?
When I feel my motivation waning, I usually take it as a sign to stop, which for me is a cyclical part of the creative process. Once you accept that this reality is natural and temporary, it becomes easier to move through it.

"Although working with clay evokes moments of calm, it comprises more emotions, and all these make me even more hooked up to it."

Kita Living x ILAERG. living objects consist of three pieces that promise an experience of serene moments behind their calm forms. Reflecting the spirit of our studio Kita Living's products for simple and modern living spaces, each piece, which traces Japanese culture, refers to the aesthetic perception of this culture through simplicity and elegance. The Ceramic Vessel, created by İlayda Ergün in her studio with her own hands on a lathe, is a piece that alludes to ritualistic moments and emotions. Its sculptural and elevated-footed appearance is further deepened on the inner surface with its dark tones.

The form of the Ikebana Vase, attributed to the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, is like a physical reflection of simplicity, elegance and respect for nature as the focus of the Ikebana philosophy... As a reflection of Ma, which expresses the perception of emptiness in Japanese culture, it traces balance and harmony with flowers placed only on one side. The Incense Holder is a poetic piece that evokes memories and expresses serenity through scent. It promises a calm visual journey as well as stirs the sense of smell from the moment the incense is lit.

Kita Living x İLAERG. living objects are attributed to moments and experiences that would make us pleasant, both in our souls and in our sanctuaries.