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Mulberry Hazelnut Butter

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Natural, No Added Sugar, Plant Based Protein / 280 g

Obtained from hazelnuts unique to the Akçaabat region. They are dried with their shells, then cracked. Raw hazelnuts which are rich in fat and 13-15 mm in size are selected, roasted then mixed into paste with mulberries, which are dried and turned into powder. The slight sweet aroma from mulberries is reflected in its flavor.

The paste contains 80% hazelnut, 20% mulberry. Since it is additive-free, it leaves the oil. Consume it by mixing. You can enjoy our hazelnut butter for breakfasts, healthy bowls, smoothies or desserts.

It does not contain trans fats, preservatives or emulsifiers.
Keep in a cool and dry place.

The jar of this product has been thought and designed in an environmentally conscious manner, as an item that you would want to reuse and repurpose in new and original ways.