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Cera Filter

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39 Arita

Made of porous ceramic with countless holes of several microns. The porous body of the filter, which is invisible to the naked eye, purifies the water and lets you enjoy a mellow taste. You may use it repeatedly without the need for any disposable filters.

In making ceramic filters, water from the natural wells in Arita is used, and then the soil is moulded, which requires detailed forming by hand. The ceramic filter is baked twice as long as usual and it provides long-lasting use.

Cera Filter purifies the tap water instead of a water purifier. You may use the obtained clean water for your coffee routines and tea ceremonies.

Capacity: 1-2 cups
Size: 8.5 x 6.5 cm
Weight: 90g

Coffee Routine
- Warm up your cup to enjoy even more delicious coffee.
- We recommend coarse or medium grinding of coffee beans and the serving size is 15g per person.
- Place the Cera Filter into the coffee server properly and make sure that it stands flat.
- Pour in enough hot water to fully submerge the coffee beans and steam the beans for about 20 seconds, then slowly add the remaining hot water in 5 or 6 batches to adjust the extraction speed.
- Once the filtering is completed, your coffee will be ready and you may serve it.

*Cera Filter shortly becomes hot after extraction. Please handle it with a cloth or handle.

Daily Care
We recommend cleaning it after use at once before the coffee grounds dry.

- Turn the filter upside down and remove the grounds.
- Wash by hand with water, making sure that no grounds remain. Do not use a sponge or brush while washing.
- Avoid washing in the dishwasher.
- Place the filter in hot water to remove the coffee oil. Cleaning is completed when the colour change in the water stops.
- Leave it to dry naturally to prevent mould developing.