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2500 Flower Honey

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100% Raw, Natural, Dark Hive / 350 g

2500 Flower Honey is lovingly made by the bees that feed in the untouched habitat of the Bitlis Hizan Plateau. It owes the unique aroma reflected in its flavor and scent to the organic journey of the pollen from the endemic flora of nature, which contains 2500 different flower species, to unadulterated beehives.

It can also be enjoyed as a natural sweetener.

As the honey is natural and without additives, crystallization may occur.

Tasting Notes: Floral
Scen: Floral
Consistency: Dense
Location / Altitude: Hizan, Bitlis - Honeyleaves / 1800-2000 m

The jar of this product is designed in an environmentally conscious manner, as an item that you would want to reuse and repurpose in new creative ways.