Hoy Paris

words: Emre Ergenekon

photography: Sophia van den Hoek

words: Emre Ergenekon

photography: Sophia van den Hoek

"HOY", one of the healthiest and most thoughtful points of preparing today to make tomorrow beautiful, is a meeting place in the heart of Paris dedicated to the health of body, mind and spirit. Having sufficient popularity before COVID-19; The idea of ​​bringing yoga retreats, calmness and mindfulness escape plans from nature to the heart of the city belongs to HOY founder Charlotte Gomez de Orozco.

HOY means "today" in Spanish. Starting from today, the point they want to remind their visitors is; in its simplest form today; how precious this moment is. The most striking aspect of this is that the only thing we have is “today”... Among its goals is the smooth well-being and relaxation that arises from this body and mind unity. listening, being a place of self-discovery. The reality of the frequently mentioned but very limited business today. We see that the term “staying in the present”, which it can promise in a sense, gains a new meaning here in every detail.

Of course, staying in the present is in your hands, no matter what environment you are in. In your meditation moments in your room, watching your favorite flower on the balcony or the happiest moments you spend with your loved ones… However, if you are outside of your own living space where you are used to and feel safe, you may not always have the necessary concentration for this inner journey. HOY is a business that has taken every step with the awareness of being in the center of the city.

The hotel stands out with its well-equipped team in every area it serves, and its plain design away from unnecessary magnificence, and hosts countless details that you will discover as you spend time here, astonishing as you discover.

Combining the need for individual intimacy and calmness with the encouragement of good food and environmentally friendly habits, HOY underlines that a better future is always in our hands. Seasonal organic produce from local suppliers, grown sustainably. Everything is evaluated here, returning to nature in harmony with nature. At the same time, they reflect conscious waste practices in their daily activities by offering reusable bottles in the rooms for guests, avoiding plastic and many other waste needs.

In hotel; There are a total of twenty-two rooms that house air purification diffusers, organic linens and handcrafted products carefully selected from France. The absence of televisions in the rooms is one of the bold and appropriate touches.

There is a completely plant-based menu in the restaurant named MESA inside. An innovative cuisine without using eggs, fish, milk or any meat products, with all its generosity, offers its guests unique tastes for the mind and body. In the whole menu; While preserving the nutritional quality of food and renewing the body are given priority, we observe the same sensitivity in beverage choices. Here you can discover homemade sodas or fill your special refill bottle with kombucha from the taps.

In the business where yoga is adopted as one of the basic pillars, it is not just a practice, but an understanding that represents the fun of today, that is, the present. It offers a spiritual experience with the Japanese method by creating a joint program with Paris' popular yoga studio Yuj for yoga events that are open to both its guests and Parisians throughout the day. This is also the first dark yoga studio in Paris with infrared lights.

At the same time, on the first floor of the hotel, there is a dried flower shop called La Florería, headed by the Japanese flower artist Chiaki Kokami. The work of the artist, who is constantly looking for new techniques by using paint and various natural materials, combines the elegance of dried flowers with the classical French style and reflects passionately, adapts to the calmness in the atmosphere. Speaking of Japanese simplicity, it should not be forgotten that jugs of mineralized water with Japanese Binchotan charcoal welcome you in the rooms, as it helps body detox.

With the calm colors used in its interiors, wellness rooms special for energy and bone diseases care, incense that can be used in every room, and the smell of palo santo covering the common areas, HOY is among the most healing and remarkable escape points of Paris, and it is the most important day we have; It reminds us of “today” with its unique simplicity.