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Ethiopia Bombe Natural

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Grown and harvested in Bombe, Kontema, this coffee reflects its characterful origin to its taste. With the floral and fruity profile, it offers a summer breeze to the palate with the notes of strawberries and tropical fruits, and a zesty mouthfeel. More importantly, it is a natural coffee with eco-friendly production methods. The coffee cherries that are sourced from nearby farmers are processed naturally, and the facility presents a conscious approach to the natural treatment of waste and producing its own compost.

Tasting Notes: strawberry, tropical fruit, floral

Manufacturer: Asefa Dukamo Korma
Altitude: 2,100 - 2,300 m
Region: Ethiopia / Sidama - Bensa
Fermentation: Natural
Roasting: Light
Roaster: Coffee Department 

Ethiopia Bombe Natural is produced with an environmentally friendly approach. The coffee berries from the surrounding coffee growers are processed with a conscious approach in a facility that produces its own fertilizer by purifying their waste.

About our coffee packages;

  • It has the "I'm Green" feature.
  • They are sustainable products, do not consume the world's limited oil resources, and are left to future generations.
  • During plastic production, no carbon is released into the atmosphere, on the contrary, carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere. In this way, it reduces global warming. (Instead of +3kg oscillation, 2kg absorbs in every 1kg of plastic production)
  • As in oil production, nature is not destroyed, forest areas are not destroyed for sugar cane production, unused agricultural lands are rehabilitated and produced by putting them into use. Fair payments are made to farmers during sugar cane production.
  • No metal barrier is used in the bags, there is a high oxygen barrier.

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